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24 December 2010 @ 07:24 pm

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Christmas Myspace Comments

May we all be blessed as Christ our Savior is born. May He continue to bless all of us and grace us His mercy. God bless.
10 December 2010 @ 08:43 pm

Title: Leading Light

Pairing: Leeteuk-centric, slight Heechul/Leeteuk

Rating: PG?

Genre: Family/Brotherly Love?

Summary: Leeteuk knows how to take care of people, except one, himself.

Warning: Character death, almost.

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters in the story; the plot is the only thing that’s my own.

Author’s Note: I am not a doctor or a nurse so what I said about a condition may not be true in real life. ^^, This is my first time really finishing and posting a fic, though, I think I’ve written a story before, just not this kind.^^, Comments are very much welcome and loved. ^^,



Leeteuk is the band's leader and umma, but who is his?Collapse )


I hope I didn't make any mistakes, its been a long time since I last posted something ^^,

But still, comments are really loved. Even criticisms are welcome. ^^,

19 April 2010 @ 06:34 pm
Ok so it happened in mid December last year, I was supposed to go to a friend's house to do a summarization regarding our upcoming report, my uncle has brought his jeepney, I had to drive our motorcycle so that he can park his car in another place for safety, because we are only taking the motorcycle to get to my friends house. Before leaving I thought of buying bread to bring with me, and yes I brought some, I hanged it on the motorcycle's handle. In the process, my uncle allowed me to go first so that he'll be behind me. I am not really a first timer in riding a motorcycle alone, but this is the first time I am going to drive at quite a distance, so I was quite excited. In the way,  I thought that the bread is starting to fall, I was looking at it instead of the road, and I did not notice the the road was already curving in a unsymmetrical way, and so I lost balance and got off track, but the motorcycle was really hard to control because the side roads are not cemented, and so, I fell off the motorcycle and got a few scratches and bruises, good thing I am not driving so fast, if I was, maybe I am not here writing this entry, hahaha.

Good thing it is really not that serious, but I have to go back home to clean my wounds. All the other car behind us thought that he bumped into me, that is why I am there, others also thought that I am avoiding the other cars that is why I am at the side. I am crying and laughing at myself inside me, because people are getting into conclusions just based on what they saw. And after a few moment of my uncle confirming that am okay we headed back home.  I was still shaking while driving the motorcycle back home. But I did my best, when we arrived home, I was really afraid that after my mother knows about it, she would never let me touch the motorcycle again, but that did not happened because when we meet with her after going to my friend's house, I am still the one driving the motorcycle.

I wanted to share that story with you because up until now, when I am driving or passing through that road where I fall, I still feel something in my heart. It was like several needles are being pinned to my heart simultaneously. And I questioned myself why? Maybe because it wanted to teach me a lesson. We may fall, we may be bruised, we may be hurt, but that is life's one way of saying that we should become stronger. We may fall and feel that we could never get back on our feet, but If we did that, nothing will really change. But standing on it may pull a string and make a miracle. The memory of being hurt will remain as well as the scar of it, not to make an ugly look, but to make us remember that we once have fallen and stood up again being stronger.

Memories also remain to remind us that, through life, we are able to experience the sweetest and the most bitter things there is to experience. But through these things, we are able to go and continue being a person, not perfect, but learning. And so by this we should not be afraid to make a fall or commit mistakes, because we are people, we are not perfect, but we are one of God's masterpieces and that we should be proud of. Always we should live our lives to the fullest. :)

Sorry for bragging on these things on your friends page, ^^,

Take Care everyone.
13 April 2010 @ 08:14 pm
Pasts comeback to make us realize how much we've changed, how much we've moved on forward, to remind us not of what we've lost but what we have right now. And to make us realize how precious our future will be. There won't be today without the past. We learn to grow with the help of past, without it, we won't know what we have done before that made us fall so that we could stand up again, not us before we fall but the stronger us.

We won't realize what we will be missing if won't for the past, we won't learn how to treasure what we have right now if not for the past. I think it'll be chaos in a straight line if not for the past. Why? It'll be chaos in a straight line because we won't be able to do something else, we won't learn, we won't grow. Past is like a measurement stick, we are able to grow by learning from our mistakes from the past. We can also predict the future by using our pasts as a basis.

But we must not fully focus on our past because today is the most important thing, we have to make the most of our everything for today because we won't know when we will all die, so before that happens, we won't have any regrets. People are often trapped in the past and cannot moved on, being able to know the past is both good and bad thing, depending on the person and the circumstances. But we must always remember that through God, tomorrow can be different, ^^,

Past are good so that we can make today better and for our future to be best. Live our life to the fullest . ^_^
13 April 2010 @ 07:43 pm
It's been three weeks already since class ended, I still kept thinking of things that I should've done, I should really learn from my mistakes and give it all my best. I'll be in my fourth year and hopefully last year in college this coming school year, time really flies fast.

I was happy and sad at the same time when the class ended. I was really sad because a very special friend of mine is about to leave. It is as if I'm losing a part of me, I know that in time, we will all be separating ways, but I did not expect it to be this early, it won't sink in to me. I just cannot believe it, but I thought that even though we are to be apart, she won't really leave, because she has been and will be in my heart forever.

I was with her last March 27 when we go to SM Clark, there was the Day2 of U-Kiss' Philippine promotional tour, everything became a precious memory. That was also my first time going there commuting, glad we made it there safely. Those guys sure are entertainers, they are really good looking, they have talents, good personality, I really wish they can become number 1 soon. U-Kiss Fighting!!! :)

After them, last April 10 was Super Junior's last stop for Super Show 2 here in the Philippines, I wish I can go, :( But still I'm happy because it went well, I wish I can watch them personally with my own eyes, ^^ Super Junior FIGHTING!!! 4th Album Daebak ^^,

Sorry for my selfishness in this words, hope all of you can bear with me, :)
13 April 2010 @ 07:02 pm
Hello everyone, it's been a while since I last wrote something, I think I can burst out everything I have in my heart, but it seems that I can't and I'm wondering why. But it'll go well somehow. Hope so.

I have been lacking for my studies this past semester, thinking of only reaching a passing grade, but in the end, it is still me who will be really bothered that why I didn't do that, or if only I have done that then maybe... It's things like that that I have always been saying but then again I do the things that I should've learned from. Yes, I think I learned something but why do I keep doing it. But then again, when everything is silent, I come to my senses about the things that have been bothering me. Maybe it is because time and other circumstances have been given to me. And now I will not waste any more of those circumstances that have been given to me and make the most out of it. I will always do my best no matter what. We can do this right, and we must do this for HIM.

I have to thank the good Lord for everything He has given me. I'm so lucky that I have been so blessed, even though I have sinned and have been lacking, and really He was always there not only when we need Him but throughout the whole time. He was the only one who knew us inside and out. And He is the only one who knows what will happen to us. God I leave you everything, I will do my best and I can't do it without You. Thank you so much.

Sorry for giving your friends page with entries as this,
15 January 2010 @ 07:47 pm
Wow, I think I miss writing here, it's been a while since I last wrote something. But before I start, I forgot to greet everyone a Happy New Year. Hope this year comes with a good light to bless us all. :)

Well I wanted to write something about trust today. Hope my posts doesn't bother your friends page too much, being it serious I guess, ^^,

Trust is one of the hardest things to find in the whole world, no I think it'll be the whole universe. Why? Because we can never gain trust that easily, we must work hard to earn it. It is not like a candy that you can give to anyone. It is not something that a person can easily get from someone either. In contrast it is like your dream, you must work hard to be able to attain it. And once you have, you have to do your best to not able to lose it. Just like holding a bird in your hand, if you hold too much the bird may or will suffocate and die, while if you hold it too lightly, the bird that you put your effort  to capture will fly away from you. I think that's basically how it works.

But yet of course everything will depend on the situation. I don't want to be just on one side of the equation, sometimes people have really good reasons to do so. They may be on the verge of having a difficult decision to make. There are many cases where one loses one's trust and gained it back because of the degree of the circumstances, but it that does not mean that we can always do something in accordance with our own will without thinking of other people that we might hurt because of what we've done. That doesn't also mean that it is okay if we lose it again because we can regain it. Trust that were once lost is harder than the one you have to initially gain.

We must all treasure the trust given by someone special to us, our family, friends, people whom we know, etc., they can always give us that trust but we cannot gain it back 100% so make it a life long treasure once you get it. ^_^

God bless everyone, :)
27 December 2009 @ 10:51 pm
Having a friend is like being in a garden full of flowers, there are those flowers who will let you smell their most wonderful fragrance, there will be those who will struck you with their ridged thorns. But, Hey, I think both of the kinds of friends are needed for us to grow.

Those who will let you smell their most wonderful fragrance are those who will always be there for you, who will smile for you when you are sad, who will not cry when you are crying because they will be the ones to make you happy again, who will laugh with you during silly times, etc. There are millions of things a friend or friendship can do, and that I think are for friends to discover.

Those who will struck you with their thorns are those who will tell what is wrong if what you've done is really wrong, who will tell you even nasty things if that will make you realize what you've done, who will tell you painful words to let you grow, if they treasure they would not allow you to continue on doing bad things even to the point of hurting you through their advices. And as a friend we should not think of it as really a bad thing because it is our friend telling us that, if we trust each other then we will realize that he or she did that for your own sake not their, it is because they cared for you and they loved you for who you are.

Friendship can create millions of miracles. Miracles that can help not only those who are engaged in it, but also those around them who will receive the shine of that friendships' bloom. Miracles that are endless. Only if we believe in that friendship and establish trust, thus we are starting those millions of miracles to happen.

Spread the love of friendship and see miracles happen. ^_^
25 December 2009 @ 09:32 am
Christmas Myspace Comments

Christmas Myspace Comments

Merry Christmas everyone, God bless ^_^
19 December 2009 @ 09:43 pm
There was this time when a few of my friends and I went to Mcdonalds for fun and some chats after having only one class for the whole afternoon. I think it was last last week? waaahh, I think it is a quite old to tell but, I was moved by what my friend was saying about a certain contestant in the question and answer portion at a beauty pageant. I think the question goes likes this, "If there was a certain wisdom that a person does not know, what could it be?" or rather I stated it, but the meaning is the same so I think it is all right. The contestant's answer was CONTENTMENT.

When my friend asks this question to us first, I do not know what to answer, because I, myself know that there are a lot of things that I still don't know for sure. But when he told us the answer, I was shocked at how brilliant that is and decided to have my opinion regarding this, please bear with me, ^^,

I do recognize that I also lack contentment most of the time. When I got hold of a thing that I wanted, I was feeling contented at some point, but when I see another thing that catches my attention, I will think that I must save money for me to buy that again, yet I have a new one at hand. Sometimes I deliberate that why, after I got hold of the thing I firstly wanted I will decide to get another one after sometime. But then I guess we cannot remove that part of a person's personality, because no one's perfect. Though of course there really are people who are contented with what they have or who they are.

We make mistakes, and that's what makes us learn. When we choose to do this and that, to have this or that, we make a choice, a choice that may or may not lead us contentment, but most of the time, I think, not, because people's mind are also unique, at some point in time, we like this, after some time, we just leave it at some place then have a new one.

No one can deny that they did not ever have discontentment, because it also have some positive sides to it, when we are contented at where we are or what we have, then we are in a stand still, we do not grow, do not gain more knowledge to face life's harsh challenges and the like. So what we now must think is that whether the discontentment that we feel will lead us to the good side or the bad side. The decision is left to us. But do not be afraid to choose the wrong one, the important thing is that, we learn from that and move on.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank the good Lord for helping us at our preliminary examinations, even though we have three tests postponed up to next year, hope all the result will go well for all of us. And I wish one of my professor to get well soon, he has been hospitalized that is why one of our tests are postponed.

To all, let us always do our best in facing life challenges... ^_^